Maestro's Circle

How will your philanthropic generosity be remembered? Leave a legacy to permanently benefit the future of Orchestra Iowa by including Orchestra Iowa in your estate planning. The Masetro’s Circle is a society of those who have included the Orchestra’s Endowment Fund in their estate plans.

Maestro Circle Members

John and Mary Ellen Bickel

Janet D. Blackledge

John and Karen Brandt

Steve and Suzanne Caves

Tim and Janice Charles

Jeffrey and Michelle Collier

Jane Coyne

Wendy and Greg Dunn

Rad and Joyce Finch

Marjorie Fletcher

Les and Katrina Garner

Terry and Carey Downs Gibson

Bob and Penny Gilchrist

Tony and Magda Golobic

Barbara Green

Marc and Cathy Gullickson

Kathy Hall and Terry Pitts

Kevin and Pat Hanick

Timothy and Jillien Hankewich

Caitlin Hartman

Don and Mary Lou Hattery

Ted and Tish Healey*

Joanne Hendricks and Donald Stamy

Jerry and Jennifer Henry

Jared* and Carol Hills

Jim and Ann Hoffman

Alice Hoffmeier*

Robert Holmes and Sharon

Dee Ann Johnson

Fred R. Johnson

G. Richard and Jacqueline R. Johnson

Clay and Debbie Jones

Ed and Stephanie Karr

Robert F. and Janis L.* Kazimour

Barbara A. Knapp

Peter and Ingrid Kolln

Dennis and Karen Kral

George and Ludene Krem

Bob and Carol Kucharski

Mick and Jan Landgren

David and Ann Lawrence

Thea and Roger* Leslie

John and Dina Linge

Doug and Marlene Loftsgaarden

Tom and Marilyn Mark

Robert Massey

James and Carolyn McAuliffe

Larry McGrath

Rachel and Vincent* Mills

R. P. “Dick” and Kate Minette

Jim and Rose Marie Monagan

Barbara Beckholm Moore

Paul and Jennifer Morf

Jeffrey and Kristine Nielsen

Clark and Jacquie* Oster

Jerry and Marilyn Owen

Mrs. Lanette C. Passman

Dennis and Jan Redmond

Jack and Jackie Roland*

Bob Rush and Judy Whetstine

Eugine R. Schwarting*

Craig and Gretchen Sealls

Margaret* and Tom Sears

Dr. Douglas and Patricia Sedlacek

Chris Shimon

Bill* and Teddy Shuttleworth

Marilyn and Dayton* Sippy

John and Dyan Smith

Leland and Peggy Smithson

Dr. James and Marianna Stickley

Dorotha Sundquist*

Robert* and Ann Swaney

Don and Mary Thompson

Dr. Christian Tiemeyer
and Patti Farris Tiemeyer

Peter and Susan Tilly

Jane Walker and David Hempel

Kurt and Jennifer Waskow

Steve and Victoria West

Stan Wiederspan

Myron and Esther* Wilson

Jason and Leslie Wright

Elaine C. Young*

*indicates posthumous recognition