Honor Roll

Individual Honor Roll

We are grateful to the following donors whose commitment and generosity make the music and the education possible through gifts to the Annual Fund, Orchestra Iowa School and Orchestra Iowa Foundation. We would also like to thank the many donors of less than $100 whose gifts are vital to the Orchestra’s continued success.

This list reflects Honor Roll contributions made through March 16, 2023.

*Posthumous Recognition
**Funds of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Distinguished Benefactor ($45,000+)

Anonymous (in memory of Peter and Marie Bousfield)
Leland and Peggy Smithson
Dorotha Sundquist*
Myron and Esther* Wilson

Symphony Circle ($30,000-$44,999)

Joseph M. Kacena Fund**

Founder’s Circle ($15,000-$29,999)

The Jared and Carol Hills Foundation
Stephen and Victoria West
William P. and Gayle S. Whipple Fund* **

Chairman’s Circle ($10,000-$14,999)

Ms. Janet D. Blackledge
Judith Dows*
Ted Healey*
Bruce and Judy McGrath
Mary S. Taylor
William* and Julianne Thomas

Conductor’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

Bruce and Janis Altorfer
Greg and Teresa Barnett
Jeffrey and Michelle Collier
Rad and Joyce Finch
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Gray
Len and Marlene Hadley
Edna Herbst Fund* **
Peter and Ingrid Kolln**
David and Ann Lawrence
Neal Marple and Jane Rheem
Kate and Dick Minette
Jeff and Kris Nielsen
David and Mary Jo Rater
Dr. Ruth Spieker
Peter and Susan Tilly

Artist’s Circle ($3,000-$4,999)

John and Stephanie Ballard
Jon and Debbie Bancks
Linda Barnes
John and Mary Ellen Bickel
Karen and John Brandt
Nancy Hill Cobb and Terry Trimpe
Dr. Tony Colby
James and Syndy M. Conger
Cyndy Crider
Mary Ann Dawson
Kenneth Gibbs
Tim and Jill Hankewich
Preston and Beth Johnson
Dennis and Karen Kral
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Kucera
Dennis and Jean McMenimen
Tim and Kim Michels
Dr. Frank and Jill Morriss
David and Carolyn Oliver
Clark and Jacquie* Oster
Peter and Kristin Pardubsky
James and Sara Sauter
Mr. Douglas Sokol
Joanne Hendricks and Donald Stamy
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Stickley
Oather and Mirela Taylor
David*, Denise and Mike Tiffany
Candace Wong

Opus Circle ($1,000-$2,999)

Anonymous (2)
Roger and Dixie Allen
Anderson Family Charitable Fund**
Brian and Laura Azelborn
David and Kay Basler
James and Sue Becker
James Beranek
Peter F. Bezanson Fund* **
John Borghese
Michael and Gail Bricker
Dan Bryant and Barbara Hames-Bryant
Peter and JoAnn Bryant
Cam and Kathy Campbell
Thomas and Patrice Carroll
Tim and Janice Charles
Ivan and Mary Bess Chester
William Davis and Kathryn Franzenburg
Betty Debban
Kathleen Donnelly
Richard and Mary Doyle
Jonathan and Jill Eisenberg
Nancy L. Erickson Music Education Fund
Adam and Sarah Evanschwartz
Joyce and Mark Fleming
Elaine Fox
Sharon Garton
Dr. David and Susan Gehring
Mr. Luke Granfield
Michael and Vicky Grover
Mr. Charles A. Rohde
Kevin and Pat Hanick
Cheryl Harp
Carl and Jill Henrici Fund* **
Charlotte and William Hinson Family Foundation
Gary Hoech
Claire and Vernon Hudek Fund* **
Phil and Kathy Jasper
Marcia and Charles Jepsen
Mark and Martha Jepsen
Lynn and Cathy Johnson
Diane and LeRoy* Karr
Robert F. and Janis L. Kazimour
Barbara Knapp
John and Brenda Kraemer
Keith and Cheryl Krewer
Jeffrey and Mary Krivit
Bob and Fran Krzywicki
Thomas and Nancy Lackner
Doug and Sharon Laird
Eric Lang
Mr. Eric Langston
Mark and Corenne Liabo
Abbott B and Joan M Lipsky Fund
Joanna and Wieslaw Machnowski
David Maier and Matthew McGrane
Rick and Deanna Mallow
Diane Dahl-McCoy and James McCoy
Craig and Andrea Miller
Rachel and Vincent* Mills
Barbara Beckholm Moore
Mr. and Mrs. William Oglesby
Naser and Catherine Payvandi
Thomas Peffer and Carroll Reasoner
John and Ann Persick
Mary Lou Peters
Barbara and Philip Peterson
Judith Platz
James F. Plumb Jr. and Jewel M. Plumb Fund**
Dr. Brian and Julie Privett
Denny and Jan Redmond
Dr. Ronald and Sue Reider
Randy and Pam Reynolds
Lisa Rhatigan
Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson
Rohde Family Foundation
John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers
Mary and Franklin Scamman
Helmut and Mara Schrott
Dr. John and Joyce Schuchmann*
Margaret and Tom Sears
Dr. Douglas and Patricia Sedlacek
Zwerling/Sprince Family Foundation
Susan and Gary Streit
Sally Stutsman
Mel and Diane Sunshine
Dr. Robert* and Ann Swaney**
Don and Mary Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tiernan
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trimble
Glenn and Audrey Van Roekel
Dennis and Luann Wangeman
Kurt and Jennifer Waskow
P. Brian and Deane Watters
Paul Weller and Sara Rynes Weller
Brian Westphalen
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wicklund
R. Mark and Tracy Zimmerman

Member ($300-$999)

Anonymous (2)
John and Lynne Abbott
Tom Anderson
Addison and Janet Ault
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Baynes
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Beckman
Marvin and Darlene Bergman
Mr. Warren Boe
Mr. Terry Boles
Becky Boscaljon
Alan and Terry Boyden
Robert and Vida Brenner
Michele and Doug Brock
Scot Brown and Julie Lammers
Doug and Julie Busch
Noreen Bush*
Mary Chesebro
Steve and Kaye Christ
David and Paula Colton
Bryan and Kris Davis
M.C. Dickmeyer
Jean Donham
Ann Dorr Family Fund
Mr. and Ms. Scott Drzycimski
Jim Eichhorn
James and Janet Federer
Ms. Katherine Fehlberg
The Bob and Deb Foster Charitable Fund
Beatrice A. Furner
Les and Katrina Garner
Cory, Megan, Anika, and Atticus Goldensoph
May G. Gortner Charitable Trust
Harlan and Kay Graber
Barbara Green
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Green
Mr. Vincent Greene
Don and Marj Grimm
Mr. Robert Hampton
Tim Hanna
David and Susan Haupt
Kimberly Hillyard
Jim and Ann Hoffman**
Paul Hoffman and Gwen Kirsch
H. Dee and Myrene Hoover
Walt and Nancy Horn
John and Sandra Hudson
Tony and Suzanne Huebsch
Gingie Hunstad
Evan and Julie Hupp
Rob Hursh and Jane Scheer
Alan and Virginia Jensen
G. Richard and Jacqueline R. Johnson
Ms. Deb Jurkowski
Marilynn A. Keller
Jim and Connie Kennedy
Mr. Kent Kinsey
David and Jillian Knutson
Miko Kominami and Eric Kutz
Whealen and Laura Koontz
Daniel and Janet Kortenkamp
Rick and Delaine Kreutner
Daniel Kurfis
Hal and Terri Larson
Robert and Sue Latham
Thea Leslie
John and Karen Lewis
John and Laura Locher
John and Susan Loomis
Mr. Dale March
Tom and Marilyn Mark
James and Carolyn McAuliffe
Carolyn and Norm McElwain
Richard and Sue* McGaughy
Jim and Rose Marie Monagan
Dr. Margaret A. Murray
Mr. David Nelson
Mr. John Nirschl
Michael O’Hara and Jane Engeldinger
Chris and Holly Overturf
Ken and Barb Owen
Mary Palmberg
Juli Parker
Joe and Sherry Pugh
Tom and Nancy Pugh
James and Bonnie Raasch
Joe and Martha Rasmussen
Catherine A. Roach
Kurt Rogahn
John and Karen Roltgen
John and Monica Roltgen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Root
Carolyn Pigott Rosberg
Judi Whetstine and Bob Rush
Harry V. Ruth and Elizabeth A. O’Hara
Nathan Savin and Susan Enzle
Jeffrey J. and Kristin Schaefer
John* and Carolyn Schmidt
Nancy J. Sereduck
Paul and Rebecca F. Shawver Fund* **
Libby Slappey and Charles Crawley
Jill Leggett and Phillip Smith
Gisela Steffe
Daniel H. and Kathleen J. Swift
Thomas Tapp
Larry and Barbara Taylor
Janet Thulin
Zalman and Karen Usiskin
Calvin and Linda Van Niewaal
Victoria and Timothy Walch
Marilyn Wehner
Dr. William M. Welter
Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. Wendler
Lesley Wiarda
Dr. Cynthia Wong
Elaine C. Young*
Richard Reid Zehrbach

Friend ($100-$299)

Anonymous (4)
Paul and Elizabeth Abramowitz
Mrs. and Mr. Alicia Aguiar
Mr. Barry A’Hearn
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert W. Allsop
Dr. Arnold E. Andersen
Mr. Steven C. Anderson
Ms. Kimberly Andresen
Mr. Michael Bailey
Patricia Banks
Anna and Jim Barker
Joyce Barnd
Martha and Stephen Bartenhagen
Robert Becker and Diane Handler
Abigail L. Beeler
Douglas & Linda Behrendt
Jim and Shellie Bell
Alan and Liz Bergeron
Lynda Black-Smith
Richard and Cheryl Bock
Dale and Cathy Boddicker
Esther Bos
Ryan and Athena Bosch
Dick and Virginia Boyer
Rebecca Brimeyer
Philip and Diane Brooks
Larry Callaham
Mr. and Mrs. James Carollo
Mr. Steven Carpenter
Anne Harris Carter
Jan Chambers
Darlene Clark
William and Kathleen Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Clemons
Dr. Mike and Shirley Collison
Thomas and Joan Cook
Steve Cossack
Ms. Aurora G. Costache
Kathryn Coulter
Gary and Mary Crandall
Mary Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. David Crew
Margaret Dana
Jerry and Nancy Danforth
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard Deasy
Elizabeth DeBrower
Mike and Pat Deklotz
David and Jeanie DeWolf
Patrice Dows
Virginia and Denny Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Dusek
Alan Elgar and Gale Kolbet
Jeff and Terri Elgin
David and Judy Elleson
Ms. Susan Elliott-Bryan
Mr. William Enke
Randy Ernst
Jack and Nancy Evans
Mr. Gerry Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ficken
Elizabeth Fischer
Monica Fischer
Marjorie Fletcher
Patricia Foster
Ms. Julie Frana
Frederick Frank
Mr. Bard Gale
Gallagher Family Fund**
Barb Garlinghouse
Bruce and Bev Gartner
Dean and Laura Gesme Family Fund*
Jeffrey Geurink
Mr. Andy Giller
Megan Gillick
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gingerich
Doris A. Gitzy
Brian and Terri Glynn
Dr. J. A. and Karen Goedeken
Dennis and Karla Goettel
Jan Grimes
Mr. Thomas Gruca
Christine Guevara
Mr. Ron Habelt
Brent Hadder
Jonathon Thull
Lynn and Linda Hamrick
Rodney Hanze
Jana Harney
Maureen Harris
Brad and Jade Hart
Ms. Eileen Hartwig
Mrs. Erika Hass
Max and Kathy Hawkins
Judith Hendershot
John Henecke
Jayne Hildebrand
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hoeppner
Hogan Family
Denise Hoke
Gloria Hoke
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Hollenbeck
Ann Holton
JoEllen Holtorf
Douglas Horton
Nancy Jackson
Miss Diane Jacobs
Mrs. Lynn Jarosz Goode
Kevin and Margie Jenkins
Pamela A. Jennings
Susan Johansen
Anne Johnson
Dee Ann Johnson
Derek Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Martin and Vicky Johnson
Andrea Joyner
Julie R. Kalsow
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Keating
Michael and Mary Kelley
Marie Kerbeshian and Bill Vincent
Thom and Carol Kirkpatrick
Ms. Nancy Klopp
John Knutson
Jean Koch
David and Barbara Koch
Richard Kohl
Dan and Nova Kolander
Roger R. and Mary K. Kolb
Lisa Krotz
Shelly Kruse
Jackie Kuntz
Michael Kvach
Mike Langheim
L. Michael Lawrence
Kimberley Lehrman
Mr. Jim LeMaster
David Lensch
Carol and Richard Lensing
Ms. Lisa Lepic
Gary Levinson and Jackie Armstrong
Cedric and Marcia Lofdahl
Ms. Doriene Loomis
Lisa Lower
Christine Luzzie and Patrick Bauer
Caryl Lyons
Pam Mahany
Carol Mahoney
Maura and Danny Mahoney
Dan and Mary Beth Malloy
David Malott
Jacalyn Mason
Ms. Barbara May
Anthony and Susan May
Kevin McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. George McClain
Jim McDowell
Greg McGivern
Terry and Scott McNabb
Ms. Laura Meade
Steven and MaryLee Meehleder
Mr. Bill Menner
Stan Miller
Mary Mitchell
Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky
Mr. Thomas Moeller
Mr. George Moger
Ian and Lori Montgomery
Bob and Susie Moran
Ms. Jennie Morton
Keveen and Larry Mullendore
Ed and Barbara Mumford
Mr. and Mrs. David Murray
Mr. Jack Mysliwiec
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Naughton
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nelson
Larry Newman
Frank Nidey
Michael O’Donnell
Mark Ogden and Iris Muchmore
Chris and Sally Olsen
Monica O’Neil
Mrs. Julia Papworth
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Paul
Hal and Kathryn Penick
Lillie Peshel
Mary Phelan
Ms. Sandra Pickart
The Hall-Pitts Family Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Found
Dr. Kristin Plichta
Marc Polacco
Mrs. Abby Polich
Dave and Linda Potter
Doris and William Preucil
Barbara Price
James W. Price
Corey Proctor
Richard A. Pundt
Sharon Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rattner
Jim and Barbara Reck
Victor Reicks
Dr. Vincent Reid and Ms. Darline Daverman-Reid
Michelle R. Rhoades
Rick & Connie Richardson
Brent and Kathy Rickertsen
Cheri Rizer
Steve Romont
Ms. Carol Ross
Josh A. Ross
David and Barbara Rossate
Kevin Royer
Mr. Rust and Ms. Smith
John and June Sackett
Paul and Cindy Sale
Ms. Sandra K. Scaia
Rich and Donna Scheer
Peter Jaynes* and Jane Schildroth
Ms. Lora J. Schmoll
Steve and Janie Schomberg
Ms. Deb Scott
Mrs. Deborah Sedlacek
Ms. Mary Shanney
Kathryn Shaver
Bedora Sheronick
Aaron Shileny
Libby Slappey
Steve and Ruth Slezak
Ray Smith and Linda Black-Smith
Terry and Gail Smith
James and Nancy Spencer
Frank and Judy Spinler
Susan Spivey
William Staib
Mr. and Mrs. William Stanford
Jack and Anne Stapleton
Randy and Kris Sterner
Samantha Stockman
Diane Stone
Melissa Summers
Linda K. Sutherland
David Swaney
Angeline Taake
Bruce and Karen Teigland
Margaret and Timothy Tewson
Greg and Lisa Thirnbeck
Allan and Mary Thoms
Jean and Jim Tinker
Thomas and Karen Tjelmeland
Jim Tucker
Whitney Turner
Yuriy and Marina Usachev
Jerry and Deb Van Dyke
Joyce R. Vogt
Solveig Walstrom
Jim and Chris Walters
Dongxu Wang
Tom and Sue Wehmeyer
Mrs. Trina Weiland
Donna and Greg Weiss
Marianne Weiss
Ryan and Amanda West
Tork M. Whisler
Jon and Karen White
Paul and Gail Williams
Dr. Vincent and Verla Williams
Mr. Lance Wilshusen
Paula Boyd Wilson
Thomas and Susan Wolle
Dale E. Wulf
Eli M. Wynes
David and Julie Yeoman
Ekhard and Wendy Ziegler
Ms. Linda Zimmerman
Mr. Michael Zimmermann
Tom and Janet Zuber



Gifts were made to Orchestra Iowa’s Annual Fund in memory of:

Phyllis Brooks
Pat Brown
Judith Dows
Robert Fletcher
Allan L. Harms
Ruth and Charles A. Hastings
Sue McGaughy
Vincent Mills
Stephen Barnes O’Donnell
Roger Rife
Dr. John and Joyce Schuchmann
John and Ruth Vosatka


Gifts were made to Orchestra Iowa’s Annual Fund in honor of:

Cathie Payvandi (in celebration of her birthday)
Jane Walker (on her 50th year with Orchestra Iowa)
Gingie Hunstad 
Tim Hankewich (in celebration of his birthday) 

Sustaining Donors

Thank you to the following donors for their support via Orchestra Iowa’s Sustaining Donor Program:

Roger and Dixie Allen
Brian and Laura Azelborn
Linda Barnes
David and Kay Basler
Cam and Kathy Campbell
Dr. Tony Colby
Jeffrey and Michelle Collier
Barbara Green
Beverly Hamilton
Kevin and Pat Hanick
Mark and Martha Jepsen
Whitney Kaefring
Jim and Connie Kennedy
Mr. Eric Langston
John and Karen Lewis
Mark and Corenne Liabo
Ms. Doriene Loomis
Neal Marple and Jane Rheem
Kate and Dick Minette
Denny and Jan Redmond
Lisa Rhatigan
Steve and Ruth Slezak
Don and Mary Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trimble