App & Digital Program FAQs

Why is Orchestra Iowa using digital tickets and programs rather than paper tickets and programs?

We are so excited for Orchestra Iowa’s new app for many reasons! Digital tickets and programs significantly reduce the costs and paper waste associated with print materials. They also enable Orchestra Iowa to keep information such as donor listings and program changes up to date, and to correct any errors instantly. Digital tools also enable interactive content – we can link directly to guest artist websites, multimedia content, online ticket purchase pages, and so much more! Digital tickets and programs have become an industry standard during the COVID-19 pandemic and are used by symphony orchestras throughout the world.

What happened to Overture Magazine?

Orchestra Iowa’s quarterly program magazine has been retired.

Can I still get a paper program?

We highly recommend checking out the digital program as it has additional content and features, but yes, we do produce a limited number of paper programs for each concert.

How can I find program notes on the app?

Tap the Menu, then Programs. You will see images for all current programs; click on the show you would like to view. Notes can be viewed by tapping the title of each piece on the program.

If you would like to view a program for a past show, click Past at the top of the screen.

Note: Typically, programs will not appear until within 48 hours of the show, so the Current screen will be blank on occasion.

Do I need the app to view digital concert programs?

No, the app is not required to view digital concert programs. You can still access these by clicking through the informational email sent to you the day prior to the performance, visiting the Orchestra Iowa website, or scanning the posted QR code once you arrive at the venue.
Access Digital Programs How to Scan a QR Code

Can I still get paper or print-at-home tickets, or do I need to use the new digital tickets?

Yes, you can still use tickets as you have in the past. No existing ticketing options have been eliminated: the app simply offers another convenient way to get your Orchestra Iowa tickets.

Can I have both paper tickets and digital tickets?

Viewing your ticket barcode on the Orchestra Iowa app will void the barcode on any previously printed paper tickets. You are strongly encouraged to use either paper tickets or the mobile app, but not both.

When can I access my digital tickets?

You must be logged into your account using your email and password to access your digital tickets. Tap the Menu, My Account, then My Tickets to view your tickets. Tickets are organized by show. If you have purchased more than one ticket to a show, you can tap the arrow next to the barcode to see your additional tickets.

Forgot Password? More Account Help

I’m an Orchestra Iowa subscriber. How do I access my subscription tickets?

Most subscription tickets are available in the app, but Passport ticket holders will only see tickets for the next calendar month. They should appear in the app around the same time your tickets are emailed to you.

What if I am having difficulty accessing my account?

Go to the Menu, then My Account. Log in using your email and password. If you forgot your login, tap Forgot Login and enter your email. An email will be sent to you with instructions for retrieving your account information.

If you are expecting a ticket for a performance and do not see it in the app, it is possible that you have multiple accounts. Please contact the Orchestra Iowa Ticket Office at (319) 366-8203 for assistance with merging your accounts and recovering missing tickets.

I have multiple tickets. Do I need multiple devices?

No. All tickets under your account can be viewed through a single device.

How do I share my digital tickets with another device?

Log into the app. Tap the Menu, then My Account, then My Tickets. Tap on the event you would like to share. Tap Send to Friend below the ticket barcode, and select which ticket you’d like to share. Enter the recipient’s email address and tap Share. The recipient will receive a link via email with the ticket barcode(s) that can be scanned from their phone. They do not need the app to receive a shared digital ticket.

Note: Tickets can only be shared with one other person. Once a ticket has been scanned at the venue, it cannot be scanned again for re-entry.

Can I use the app at non-Orchestra Iowa shows at the Paramount Theatre?

We are currently only using app-based tickets at Orchestra Iowa shows: this includes Masterworks, Pops, Chamber, Opera, Ballet, Opus, and Pops on the River.

Can I use the app at Orchestra Iowa shows at CCPA?

Yes, all app features, including digital tickets, will be available at CCPA concerts.

Can I use the app at Orchestra Iowa shows at Hancher Auditorium?

Only physical and Print-at-Home tickets issued by Orchestra Iowa are currently usable at Hancher, but all other app features will be available.

Can I see all of my upcoming performances?

You will be able to see purchased tickets to all upcoming Orchestra Iowa shows. Please note that there might be a slight delay in syncing digital tickets with the app. If you have purchased a show and it is not appearing in your app on the day of the show, please visit the Ticket Office. Staff will be happy to print a physical ticket.

Can I see my order history in the app?

Only online order history is available in the app; order history for purchases made over the phone or in person will not appear on the app Order History screen. If you have any questions about your order history, please contact the Orchestra Iowa Ticket Office at (319) 366-8203.

Can I see my giving history in the app?

Not at this time, but we hope to offer this feature in the future! If you have any questions about your giving history, please contact the Orchestra Iowa Development Team at (319) 366-8206.

What if I forget my phone at home, my battery dies, or I’m not comfortable using the app?

No problem at all! You can still use the same paper, Will Call, or Print-At-Home tickets you have used previously. We have paper programs available at each show. Our digital programs are also available to view on desktop computers from the comfort of your home, before or after the show. The app is simply an exciting (but optional) addition to the Orchestra Iowa experience!

Of course, if you have questions or are looking for help using the app or digital program, Orchestra Iowa staff are always happy to assist you.

How do I add my tickets to my Apple/Google wallet?

1. From My Account, log into the Orchestra Iowa app using your login credentials.
2. Tap My Tickets
3. Choose the ticket you would like to add to your Apple/Google wallet
4. Click Add to Wallet

How do I adjust my push notification settings?

You can access your push notification settings by tapping the Menu, then App Settings, then Notifications. Toggle the switch on to receive notifications. We highly recommend keeping these notifications on – we use notifications to inform you about program changes, event cancellations, exclusive promos, and more!

How do I use my membership card?

Your membership (donor benefits) card is available on the Orchestra Iowa app! To access your card, tap the Menu, then My Account, then Membership. Your digital membership card will show your membership level and benefit expiration date, making it easier to track the timing of your annual gift. If you are an Opus Circle donor or above, simply show your digital donor card at Opus during Orchestra Iowa shows to receive your 25% discount! We are planning to expand on this feature in the coming months. Stay tuned!

If you have any further questions or you note an error or technical glitch with the app, please feel free to contact us. We aim to make the app a smooth and user-friendly experience for our audiences, and we value your feedback! Contact Us