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    Lindsay Prince is bringing Chaos To The Opus! What a show she has lined up for you! With music and comedy and lights! There will be talking. There will be singing. That’s all she knows for sure at this point. So come! Take a chance on this Prince of Procrastination and maybe it’ll be totally worth your time and money! Or maybe it won’t. Either way, no refunds. It’s a gamble. You can’t win if you don’t play.

    Lindsay resides in Cedar Rapids, IA with her husband, Casey, her two daughters, her four cats, and her one dog.

    She spends her time caring for her household of loved ones, writing for SPT Tales From The Writers Room, Follies, and her blog, (that really is more of a Facebook page), Chaos For Breakfast.

    Lindsay deeply loves people. Her idea of a perfect evening is sitting around a table with people and having real conversations mixed with tears and laughter, cream cheese based dips, elastic waist bands, and wine.

    You can also find Lindsay volunteering, walking all over the SE side of town with friends at night, attending many theatre events of her talented friends, and in the aisles of Target.