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    “The RBT team announces the change of company’s name for the remaining shows on tour in solidarity of our friends, family members and all those in pain and fear caused by decisions of a small group of monsters.

    Let’s not allow them to destroy a beautiful world and culture created by millions of brave and kind, smart and caring people of the world.

    We Dance for Peace. We stand with Ukraine.”

    RBT (whose name stems from the type of ballet they perform) is an independent ballet company, self-funded, with a multinational cast from nine different countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Armenia, Japan, Italy, Slovenia. We honor the traditions of classical Russian ballet, Vaganova technique, the foundation of the world ballet. We are a living example of unity, having nine different nations together on one stage creating beauty, not destroying it. We are grateful to all kind words of support extended to our dancers, whose families are currently in danger.

    RBT, an independent ballet company with a multinational cast, presents a new breathtaking production of Swan Lake. It is all the splendor which has mesmerized ballet audiences for over a century, plus a bit more. Gorgeous, detailed hand painted sets and added choreography accent the production. Radiant hand sewn costumes following designs originally envisioned by the great theater masters enlighten further. Dancers from nine different countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Japan, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Kyrgyzstan gather together on one stage to honor the traditions of classical Russian Ballet.