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    A John Denver Tribute

    Rick Schuler makes his home in L.A., though he has lived in numerous places across the USA including Monroe Louisiana where he was born, and St. Louis Missouri where he grew up and found his voice. Ever since singer, songwriter, and adventurer Rick Schuler wore his first pair of round glasses at 13, the murmurs began. It was undeniable, he looked like John Denver, an artist he’d never heard of until that moment. It was during an era when the music of Denver permeated the airwaves with sweetness and sunshine, a salve to the wounded and weary soldiers returning home unloved from an unpopular war. “John Denver was the biggest star in the world, and I didn’t have any idea who he was,” says Schuler, who quickly discovered that Denver was the guy on the radio whose music he loved. “I was a very shy kid and John and I kind of became bonded. I taught myself to play guitar and it grew from there.”

    Nearly four decades later, Schuler has emerged as the leading performer of John Denver’s music. His Rocky Mountain High Experience® is just that, a true experience. Even John’s own bandmates sing Rick’s praises. Schuler not only sings, sounds, and looks like Denver, he shares his humanitarian spirit and incorporates his global works into the show. He performs in front of thousands of Denver fans at such wide-ranging venues as performing art centers, theatres, and outdoor festival stages, and has been featured on nationally syndicated television and radio shows. In addition, Rick was also chosen to open and close an upcoming major Hollywood film release called “Grace and Grit” starring Mena Suvari and Frances Fisher among others, and directed by Sebastian Siegel.

    Schuler can often be found performing with various members of Denver’s band, who marvel at the likeness and pitch-perfect timbre in Rick’s vocals. Schuler says critics didn’t understand John when he was alive. “They thought he was Pollyanna and superficial, but what they didn’t grasp is the deep, deep soulfulness in his music. He had a lot of pain in his life, and he expressed that pain in such beautiful melodies, tapping into other people’s pain too, speaking to the pain of a generation. Of all the songs of his I sing it’s ‘Sunshine’ that makes more people cry than any of them.”

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