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    Oceana is BACK!

    Formed in 2015 originally as a song development deal called The Lacie Marie Project, Oceana quickly grew into a full fledged band. Their unique sound: part folk, part rock, a splash of jazz in an indie cocktail and a whiskey chaser.

    Lacie De Souza takes lead vocals with her captivating, hopeful voice. Gerard Estella (songwriter, guitar noodler and piano monkey) writes the majority of the music for Oceana, as well as plays on every arrangement. Through voice and song, they share their stories of love, loss and life.

    Oceana released their sophomore album, Roots and Branches, in December of 2022. And with it, two new band members joined. Erika Bailey – part-time writer and musician, part-time fintech journalist, part-time improv nerd – and Lincoln Ginsberg – percussion-guru, former jazz square dancer and harmony master – officially joined the band.

    The team is thrilled to be back for a two-night endeavor at Opus Café. New tunes, new arrangements, most likely the same clothes as last time. We can’t wait to see you!

    Health and Safety

    As of March 8, 2022 masks will not be required to be worn in our facilities or at our concerts. If, as a member of our audience, you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please feel free to do so. Orchestra Iowa reserves the right to change this masking policy in response to changes in public health conditions, CDC recommendations, and updated policies by federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Additional Details