The Sound Wave

An Interactive Musical Experience

The Sound Wave is an interactive music sculpture that honors the dedicated musicians who have delivered inspiring music to our community for 20 years or more during Orchestra Iowa’s first century. Beautiful, precision-tuned, playable chimes are built into an elegant sculpture designed and created by local artists John Schwartzkopf and Dale Merrill.

With The Sound Wave, people of all ages and abilities are welcome to engage in spontaneous play and collaborative music making!

The Sound Wave is located in front of the Orchestra Iowa offices and the Paramount Theatre in downtown Cedar Rapids (119 Third Avenue SE).

Orchestra Iowa would like to recognize the following musicians who have served for over 20 years, demonstrating outstanding dedication, work ethic, skill, and passion!

Sara AboZena, viola
Bill Behrens, trombone
Christine Michelle Bellomy, clarinet
Michelle Bennett, viola
Carey Bostian, cello
Patricia Brown, horn
Gretchen Brumwell, harp
Anita Bullard, cello
Bryce Christensen, violin
Andy Classen, trumpet
Alla Cross, violin
Jim Debth, trumpet
Marybrent Debth, violin
Jeanie DeWolf, violin
James Ellis, cello
Rachel Eutsler, violin
Ann Franey, violin
Jeff Funderburk, tuba
Michael Geary, percussion
John Hall, bass
Kathy Hall, bassoon
Michael Hall, violin
Andy Harris, horn
Peter Haug, violin
Kimberly Helton, flute/piccolo
David Hempel, oboe
Jerry Henry, violin
John Hoffman, violin
Rebecca Hooper, bass
Spencer Howard, violin
Diane Jacobs, cello
Linda Judiesch, violin
Miera Kim, violin
Michael Kimber, viola
Miko Kominami, keyboard
Cheryl Krewer, bass
Alan Lawrence, timpani
Blanche Lawrence, violin
Joanna Machnowski, violin
Thomas Mackey, percussion
Dan Malloy, horn
Helen Masha, viola
Phyllis Moershel, cello
Kelly Moritz, violin
Greg Morton, bassoon
Rochelle Naylor, viola
Barbara Owen, cello
Amy Phelps, cello
Shirley Phillips, violin
Barbara Reck, oboe
Alan Richardson, cello
Robert Swaney, cello
Jan Thulin, horn
Patti Tiemeyer, cello
Peter Tilly, violin
Julia Titus, percussion
Anita Tucker, violin
Lucinda van Ark, violin
Jane Walker, flute
Jeanette Welch, bass
Marlis Windus, violin
Beverly Wren, violin

Note: Due to extensive loss of records in the 2008 flood, this list and recognition on The Sound Wave might be incomplete or inaccurate. Please contact Orchestra Iowa with any omissions or corrections, and we will update our records and The Sound Wave to ensure all our 20+ year musicians are recognized.
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The Sound Wave is the result of a partnership between the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, Murals & More, and Orchestra Iowa