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    Featuring Bruce Millard, Kathy Donnelly, Gerard Estella, Tom Mackey, Craig Dove, Jim Coates, and Joanne Chadima — with surprise special guests!

    For nearly 20 years, the month of December at the Paramount Theatre was marked by Tribute’s winter holiday concert. You might recall host Kathy Donnelly’s one-liners and banter, along with Bruce and the band’s eclectic, borderline wacky intermission medleys that kicked off the second half of the show.

    Now drawing from a catalog of songs accumulated over those 20 years, plus some new material, they invite you to enjoy an ‘extended intermission.’

    The group’s various members have worked with a wide range of well known artists, including Johnny Cash, Sting, Yo Yo Ma, Duke Ellington, Howard ‘Louie Bluie’ Armstrong, The Tower Of Power Horns, Gunther Schuller, and more.

    Join us for an evening of music that straddles the lines between loose and tight, traditional and modern, original songs and reimagined covers, familiarity and surprise.

    “ .. musical skills in abundance from Bruce Millard .. Did someone say spontaneous combustion?” — The Boston Globe
    “.. a tapestry of modern sensibilities and musical traditions highlighted by a few rock ’n roll flourishes.” — The Daily Times